Imagem Isabel Santos

Isabel M. Santos

Cargo: Research Project Supervisor

Isabel M. Santos is an Auxiliary Professor at the Department of Education and Psychology at the University of Aveiro, an integrated member of William James Center for Research (WJCR) – Line of Research in Cognition, and a collaborator at Center for Health Technology and Services Research (CINTESIS) – AgeingC Research Group.

Professor Isabel M. Santos is a psychologist, effective member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association (OPP).

Her research interests have focused on the areas of Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Experimental Psychology and Psychophysiology. She stands out in scientific publications in the aforementioned fields, with co-supervision of research work also in the area of Psycho-Oncology, more specifically exploring the attentional bias and neuropsychological functioning in cancer survivors.

Professor Isabel M. Santos is the scientific supervisor of the PhD project within the scope of this research, in the field of Cognitive Neurosciences and Neuropsychology, specifically in Neuropsychological Assessment and Cognitive Rehabilitation.